Criss Cross Jazz 1189 CD

Gary Smulyan and Brass

Blue Suite
music composed and arranged by Bob Belden

This time another project of the renown baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan backed by a ten piece brass ensemble playing music composed, arranged and conducted by the great Bob Belden. All music here is based on the blues.

In the rhythm section pianist Bill Charlap, bassist Christian McBride and drummer Kenny Washington.

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Barcode 8 712474 118922
1. Interlude (Oliver Nelson)  6:06
2. Blues Culture (Bob Belden)  5:49
3. Blues In My Neighbourhood (Bob Belden)  7:57
4. Charleston Blue (Bob Belden)  6:28
5. Blues Attitude (Bob Belden)  8:20
6. Blue Speed (Bob Belden)  10:38
7. Blues Gentility (Bob Belden)  6:25
8. Blue Stomp (Bob Belden)  5:58

Total Time: 57:47
Recorded December 9, 1999 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Max Bolleman

Gary Smulyan (Bs)
Bill Charlap (P)
Christian McBride (B)
Kenny Washington (D)
Earl Gardner (Tp)
Greg Gisbert (Tp)
Scott Wendholt (Tp)
John Mosca (Tb)
Jason Jackson (Tb)
Douglas Purviance (BTb)
John Clark (FrH)
Fred Griffith (FrH)
Bob Stewart (Tuba)

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