Criss Cross Jazz 1359 CD

Orrin Evans

"... It Was Beauty"

Available: May 21, 2013

With ... It Was Beauty, pianist Orrin Evans presents his seventh Criss Cross leader date, returning to the label for the first time since 2005.

The title tells the story: On a reflective, immensely satisfying ten-piece program comprising mainly originals, the 36-year-old Evans -- joined by bass titan Eric Revis and master drummer Donald Edwards, both partners of long standing -- plays with old soul focus, presenting a deeply personal vision that privileges notions of dynamic contrast, immediately identifiable tonal identity, meaty harmonies, tension and release, and three-way conversation.

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Barcode 8 712474 135929
1. Black Elk Speaks (Eric Revis)  3:51
2. African Song (Bill McHenry)  8:11
3. Blues Connotation (Ornette Coleman)  4:21
4. Commitment (Orrin Evans)  9:41
5. Dorm Life (Orrin Evans)  5:16
6. Rockin' Chair (Hoagy Carmichael)  5:02
7. Ellipsis (Mark Helias)  6:32
8. Hats Off To Rebay (Ben Wolfe)  6:00
9. Ribisconsia (Todd Bashore)  4:45
10. My Tribute (Andrae Crouch)  5:55

Total Time: 59:40
Recorded January 29, 2013 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Michael Marciano

Orrin Evans (P)
Eric Revis (B)
Donald Edwards (D)
Ben Wolfe (B) [added on 2 & 4]
Luques Curtis (B) [5]
Alex Claffy (B) [10]

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