Criss Cross Jazz 1221 CD

J.D. Allen

Pharoah's Children

Available: June 1, 2002

On his Criss Cross debut, Pharoah's Children, 29-year-old Detroit-born saxophonist J.D. Allen brings his own perspective to the aesthetic rumblings that stamped middle '60s jazz music.

Boasting an open, richly textured tone, a meticulous, thoughtful approach, and a definitive sense of time, Allen interacts continuously with pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Gene Jackson over a stimulating hour of original music. On three titles as guest, the great new trumpeter Jeremy Pelt.

J.D. Allen
Barcode 8 712474 122127
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J.D. Allen (Ts)
Jeremy Pelt (Tp) [1,3,11]
Orrin Evans (P)
Eric Revis (B)
Gene Jackson (D)

1. Our Man Revis (J.D. Allen)  4:20
2. Queen Elisabeth (J.D. Allen)  6:27
3. Mademoiselle Blackman (J.D. Allen)  5:57
4. So Get Rid Of The Midgets And Send In The Giants (J.D. Allen)  6:23
5. The Annex (J.D. Allen)  4:48
6. The Bitter Pill (J.D. Allen)  4:03
7. Mr. O.E. (J.D. Allen)  4:54
8. Pharoah's Children (J.D. Allen)  6:08
9. House Of Eugene (J.D. Allen)  4:46
10. Action Jackson (J.D. Allen)  4:05
11. Question (Eric Revis)  7:45

Total Time: 59:44
Recorded December 18, 2001 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Max Bolleman
Producer: Gerry Teekens & K. Hasselpflug (executive)