Criss Cross Jazz 1299 CD

Danny Grissett


Available: February 18, 2008

Pianist Danny Grissett, known for his work with Nicholas Payton, Tom Harrell and Vincent Herring, continues to deliver on the promise of his aptly-titled 2006 Criss Cross debut as a leader.

Featuring the same line-up as Promise - sensitive but effervescent bassist Vicente Archer and the equally intuitive and vibrant drummer Kendrick Scott - Encounters finds this young trio mining an interesting mix of original material and jazz standards.

Running the gamut from elegant balladry to grooving soul-jazz and unshakable swing, all with a modernistic approach to harmony, rhythm and composition, the Danny Grissett Trio ensures that modern acoustic jazz remains alive and moving forward.

Danny Grissett
Barcode 8 712474 129928
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1. Hopscotch (Danny Grissett)  4:45
2. Waltz For Billy (Danny Grissett)  7:44
3. A New Beginning (Danny Grissett)  6:07
4. Encounters (Danny Grissett)  5:59
5. Toy Tune (Wayne Shorter)  5:44
6. Sunrise (Danny Grissett)  9:12
7. It Could Happen To You (Jimmy Van Heusen / Johnny Burke)  7:51
8. Never Let Me Go (Ray Evans / Jay Livingston)  6:13
9. Git! (Danny Grissett)  6:39

Total Time: 60:20
Recorded April 2, 2007 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Max Bolleman & The Masters (mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens