Criss Cross Jazz 1301 CD

John Swana

Bright Moments

Available: February 18, 2008

For his tenth Criss Cross date as a leader, trumpeter John Swana presents his first twin-tenor sextet.
Swana, tenor saxophonists Eric Alexander and Grant Stewart, pianist David Hazeltine, bassist Peter Washington and drummer Kenny Washington have intersected on many occasions, but never together in a group. The result is an effortless blend of ingrained chemistry with the sound of surprise inherent in first encounters.

Like 2005s Philly Gumbo Vol. 2, Bright Moments focuses largely on original material with a couple of standards thrown in for good measure; but the writing is so captivating, the performances so attention-grabbing, that it feels like an album of well-known songs.

The ever-inventive Swana creates here challenging contexts for his sextet, with an emphasis on hard-swinging and refined balladry.

John Swana
Barcode 8 712474 130122
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1. Wilbert (John Swana)  4:49
2. Chillin' Out (John Swana)  6:25
3. Road Trippin' (John Swana)  6:49
4. Ferris Wheel (John Swana)  7:49
5. Shrack's Corner II (John Swana)  5:29
6. Bright Moments (John Swana)  8:15
7. Inevitable Encounter (John Swana)  8:11
8. Everything I Have Is Yours (Burton Lane / Harold Adamson)  6:52
9. KD (John Swana)  7:08
10. Open Highway (John Swana)  6:31
11. Shrack's Corner I (John Swana)  4:34

Total Time: 73:00
Recorded April 7, 2007 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Max Bolleman & The Masters (mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens