Criss Cross Jazz 1340 CD

John Escreet

Exception To The Rule

Available: September 27, 2011

John Escreet's Criss Cross debut is one of the singular recordings in the Criss Cross catalog.

Out of Doncaster, England, and a New Yorker since 2006, the 26-year-old pianist-composer deploys the talents of New York first-callers David Binney, who incorporates live electronics into the flow as well as his alto sax, Eivind Opsvik on bass, and Nasheet Waits on drums.

Synthesizing a broad template of sources into his own sonic vision, Escreet presents a stimulating, kinetic, heady program that solidifies his reputation as a musical groundbreaker rooted in the verities of groove and high craft.

John Escreet
Barcode 8 712474 134021
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John Escreet (P / Keyboards)
David Binney (As / Electronics)
Eivind Opsvik (B)
Nasheet Waits (D)

1. Exception To The Rule (John Escreet)  6:38
2. Redeye (John Escreet)  2:36
3. Collapse (John Escreet)  6:28
4. They Can See (John Escreet)  3:18
5. Escape Hatch (John Escreet)  8:50
6. Wide Open Spaces (John Escreet)  4:12
7. Electrotherapy (John Escreet / David Binney)  4:25
8. The Water Is Tasting Worse (John Escreet)  6:58
9. Restlessness (John Escreet)  4:00
10. Wayne's World (John Escreet)  10:59

Total Time: 58:30
Recorded January 19, 2011 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Michael Marciano