Criss Cross Jazz 1370 CD

David Binney


Available: May 20, 2014

David Binney's seventh recording Anacapa for Criss Cross is his fourth for the label that comprises entirely wholly original music, and the first on which he frames his distinctive alto and tenor saxophone concept with electric instruments and a global array of beats.

Propelling the flow of the 8 groove-oriented compositions is an ace rhythm section of John Escreet on piano and Fender Rhodes, Matt Brewer on electric bass and either Obed Calvaire or Dan Weiss on drums; all but one of the tracks feature the two-guitar tandem of Wayne Krantz and Adam Rogers.

David Binney
Barcode 8 712474 137022
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David Binney (As / Ts / Ss /
Vc / Synths / B)
Wayne Krantz (G)
Adam Rogers (G)
John Escreet (P / Rhodes)
Matt Brewer (El B)
Obed Calvaire (D)
Dan Weiss (D / Tabla)
Sergio Krakowski (Pandeiro)
Louis Cole (Vc)
Nina Geiger (Vc)

1. She Loves, Introduction (David Binney)  1:41
2. The Golden Zone (David Binney)  5:25
3. Massive Humanity (David Binney)  3:27
4. Distant City (David Binney)  10:42
5. Anacapa (David Binney)  10:10
6. Waiting For The Blast (David Binney)  5:12
7. Imagination Sets Us Free (David Binney)  12:11
8. Heart Shaped Mind (David Binney)  9:13
9. Santo Spirito (David Binney)  11:03
10. She Hates, Outro (David Binney)  1:53

Total Time: 71:03
Recorded February 13, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Max Ross (recording) & Michael Marciano (mixing / mastering) & David Binney (mixing)
Producer: Gerry Teekens