Criss Cross Jazz 1408 CD

David Binney

A Glimpse Of The Eternal

Available: January 15, 2022

The tenth Criss Cross album with David Binney’s imprimatur, A Glimpse of the Eternal, is, he says, “completely different than anything I’ve ever done – chilled out, an honest and pleasant vibe, nothing too complicated or intense.”

If that self-description seems at odds with the intense, complex tonal personality that Binney has presented on his 30-album discography since 1990 ... well, that was his intention. He explains: “Initially, I wanted to do something like those almost commercial records from the ’50s or ’60s or ’70s, like a Gene Ammons record I have where he plays these ballad- like tunes for 2½ - 3 minutes.” He adds: “All the guys were super-enthusiastic about doing a straight-ahead ballads record.”

But as Binney researched and culled repertoire, he changed course. He decided to incorporate a few “more energetic” tracks and to record some covers of “obscure tunes that meant something to me.”

David Binney
Barcode 8 712474 140824
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1. Our Place (David Binney)  3:09
2. In A Way (Michael Cain)  4:50
3. Ambivalence (Vince Mendoza)  6:47
4. Vibe Changer (David Binney)  4:13
5. Craig (David Binney)  3:08
6. Blue Sky (Jan Garbarek)  5:45
7. Nightfall (Ralph Towner)  8:34
8. Dave (David Binney)  2:35
9. Group (David Binney)  1:27
10. A Glimpse Of The Eternal (David Binney)  3:32
11. The Cat And The Moon (Vince Mendoza)  4:55
12. Craig 2 (David Binney)  1:49
13. I Had The Craziest Dream (Harry Warren / Mack Gordon)  6:06

Total Time: 56:54
Recorded June 29, 2021 in Astoria, NY, USA
Engineer: Michael Marciano (recording / editing / mixing / mastering) & David Binney (editing / mixing / mastering)
Producer: Jerry Teekens (executive)